Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thank You Fedex!!!

This morning, before I was even really awake, the door bell rang. When I peeked around the corner and looked downstairs, all I could see was a box at the door. The Fedex man had been here! It's like Christmas when he shows up. I had ordered a set of Givi PLX-35 saddlebags and liners for my big green Kawasaki.. I had ordered the matching candy lime green inserts and the mounting kit for the bags a while ago, but I had to wait a little bit and let the checkbook recover before I ordered the bags.

15 minutes, and 14 little screws later...... they're color matched!!
Maybe this weekend I'll bolt up the mounting kits.

I also have made hotel reservations for the Sport-touring.net meet in Custer, SD. I'll be there June 13-16, or maybe longer. I'm not sure how long I'll be gone.


  1. Can't wait to see them mounted on the bike, post pictures. Looking good.
    I loved Custer when I passed through last year on my cross country trip, wish I could go.

  2. I dug all the way to the end of the page looking or a picture of your FJR, nothing? I'm with George, you'd better get some pictures up, preferably a before/after set.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  3. George, Thanks, you bet I'll be taking pictures before-after.

    Brady, I noticed that I haven't posted many pictures of my FJR. I think the last pic was May '10. Since I got the Zx-14, the FJR has kind of been sitting in the garage feeling blue. I should dust her off and make her happy. I don't talk about this when I'm in the garage, but I'm thinking of thinning the heard and selling her. The FJR is a great S-T bike, but the big Ninja, with it's soon to be mountd hard bags, is even better. As long as I fit the ergonomics I think it will be my favorite bike of all times. Silky smooth eng/trans and pulls like a freight train.

  4. Erik - still waiting for pictures of the Givi's mounted on the big Ninja. But then again, I understand... you're probably out riding!


  5. Lucky, I hope to get them mounted up before next weekend. I'll take pictures!

    Thanks for following,