Thursday, June 16, 2011

STN Rally, Days 3 and 4.

On Tuesday I took it easy. I went for a ride from Custer up to Spearfish to find a better chain lube. I had been riding in the rain and the chain was looking pretty rough. I'm not happy with the lube I had been using.  I picked up a can at the Honda dealer. I also discovered that my camera memory card was still in my netbook back in Custer, so I stopped off at Walmart for another card.
On the way back down to Custer I rode down Spearfish Canyon and 385. I stopped off at Lake Pactola for a break. The water in the reservoir was quite high.
I stopped in Hill City at Rico's Restaurant for lunch. They have great home made Mexican food.

From Custer, I rode into the Custer State Park on 16, then up the Needles Highway to 89. Down 89 to 16 and back to Custer.

After my ride, there were fellow members of the forum hanging around the parking lot BS'ing. At 1800 everyone walked over to the restaurant for dinner. That was followed up by more BS'ing in the lot.


Today, 7 of us went on a group ride. We chose a route through Custer State Park. It was a nice 100 mile loop. Many of the roads are very narrow, and a lot of the other drivers on the road drive like they are the only ones on the road. They will stop and nearly block both lanes, while they try and feed the donkeys or photograph the buffalo.

For the most part the ride was enjoyable, but...
If you are close to this...
And the last 5 of 6 corners have been posted with this....
And you lose your concentration.... This can happen...

I came around a 15 MPH corner and found one of the riders from our group, lifting his bike up off it's right side. He had run off the right side of the road, at the exit of the corner. He may have had a bit of "target fixation" and ran onto the narrow grassy shoulder, and dropped the bike. He was fine, but the plastic on his bike was damaged, and his pride was hurt.

We continued on the ride and stopped along side Mount Rushmore for a picture.
The guy that crashed his bike rode back to the motel.

After the ride, there was more BS'ing in the parking lot for most of the afternoon and well into the night.

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