Saturday, November 12, 2011

Maybe the Last Ride of the Season?

At about 11:30 today, I was sitting around the house when John called. He asked me if I had checked the air in my tires yet. I told him, "no", and asked him if I needed to do that. Was I going somewhere today? He said we'd be leaving my place around 1:00.... Funny, I was just thinking of going for a ride.
I rolled the 2 bikes out into the driveway and gave them a quick wipe down with spray polish. I fired up the air compressor and checked the tires. I decided to ride the FJR, it was low on fuel and I could fill it on the way home.
A little after 1:00 John arrived. We took a quick look at the WI gazetteer and planned a loop.

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It's about 120 miles long through Wisconsin farmland and glacial valleys.

We stopped in Plum City and had a snack. Then again at the scenic overlook along the Mississippi River, just north of Pepin, WI.

A few barges headed south.

Johns '09 H-D Electra Glide Classic, and my '06 Yamaha FJR.

We were back in Prescott by 4:10.

Tonight, the weather man on tv said that the highs later in the week would be in the low 30's, with a chance of snow by next weekend. This might be the end of the season.

I hope not!


  1. Highs in the low 30's? Brrrr. We've been waking to 35 degrees but at least it has been getting up to 52 or so in the afternoon. It is raining now but we are hoping tomorrow will be riding weather.

    Here's hoping you get some more riding in this season.

  2. Trobairitz, I don't believe much that the weather guys say on TV. I think I'll get a little more ride time. I Hope!!


  3. It comes on like that in that part of the world, doesn't it. It's all roses and butterflies then eternal darkness and snow. At least you got one more ride in while you could. You would have regretted it later.

    Behind Bars

  4. Brady, Eternal darkness. It sure seems that way. After the time change, it's gets light out by 0700 and it's dark again by 1700. That's not a lot of daylight. Years ago, I worked the over night shift, and it was dark when I went to bed, and dark when I woke up. I lived in darkness for many years!