Saturday, June 02, 2012

A Few More Pictures from Arkansas

An attempt was made at a group picture... but it was pretty much like trying to herd cats. There are probably 15 or 20 more FJR's that for some reason didn't make it into the picture. We lined up the ones that did show up along what used to be the swimming pool....

I don't think this is going to be a problem...

This is Happy, the hotel owner's dog. She spends the day lounging in the shade, or if it's cool, she lies in the parking lot like a speed bump...

The room numbers are a pretty interesting design...

John and I noticed that my rear tire is down almost to the wear bars in the center section. There's about a millimeter of rubber left, then it's even with the wear bars. I'll be riding home and keeping an eye on it. I thought for sure that the Dunlop Roadsmart's would last longer than this. I think the next tires will be Michelin Pilot Road 2s.


  1. Is it ironic that happy the dog actually looks a little sad when he plays speed bump in the lot?

    Funny how getting riders together is like herding cats, not an easy task. At least you got quite a few bikes in the pic.

    Hope your tire holds out until you can get home.

    1. I made it home OK. The tire won't make another long trip, but it will be OK for a while. I should try to avoid rain until I replace it.