Monday, July 16, 2012

Trip to the iMBC 2012, Day 1. Cable, WI to Towner, ND.

Last night I packed my clothes, gear and a few tools. I had everything out on the living room floor and put it on the bike this morning. I was all set to go when I tested my XM radio.....Dead.... I got my multi- meter and found 13.8 volts at the end of my battery tender plug, and 0 volts at the dual lighter plug end. Good thing I had a reserve double end lighter plug. Swapped it out and 13.8 volts at the plugs! Thumbs up! I now have XM and a GPS! I managed to get out of the driveway by 0750. A quick stop in town for fuel and cash at the bank, and I was on my way.

I headed for Duluth. Once there, I stopped at Aero Manufactuing, maybe better known as Rider Wearhouse, home of Aerostich riding gear. I picked up a t-shirt and a Go Cruise throttle lock. It's a cool place, but the sales floor is very small. They probably do 99% of their business over the internet.

They have a neat thing on the display floor, it's an old Honda Ascot frame, seat, tank and handle bars mounted on a side to side rocking horse kind of chassis.

After I left there, I continued west on US-2. In Proctor, MN, just out side Duluth, I stopped at the same fighter plane as George. I also got a few pics of the large locomotive and tender in the parking lot.

A "Yellowstone" class locomotive. 2-8-8-4. The locomotive weighs 695,00 pounds and the 7 axle tender weighs 436,635 pounds, it was loaded with 25,000 gallons of water and 25-26 tons of coal!

I also took a picture of the same fish too... The Big Fish Supper Club and Resort on US-2 in Bena, MN.

I only stopped for fuel after that. I was fighting a head wind all day, add the 70 MPH speed limits in ND, which was really more like 75-80, and I burned a lot of fuel.
My original plan was to stop for the night in Leeds, ND. I drove through town and decided to continue. I stopped in Towner instead. There's a nice city park in Towner with free camping.

The GPS says 513 miles and the odometer says 515.3 miles. Tomorrow should be easy. I was planning to go as far as Glasgow, MT.
I've got to get busy and set up my tent. There's a nice cool breeze blowing through the park now!

Here you go John, just for you...
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  1. Eric...nice to see what you look like, you ugly bugger!!!! lol...just kidding it is just my jealous streak coming out cause you guys are all meeting and I am not there to mock you all with my kiwi humour and quick wit!! Have a great trip.

    1. I suppose it's too late to fly into Minneapolis International Airport, rent a car, drive 3.5 hours north, grab my FJR and ride out?

  2. I am glad you got away this morning without too many issues.

    It is cool that you got to stop by Aerostich on the way. Those of us on the west cost are not so lucky that way.

    Great pics - it looks like the weather isn't blistering hot or raining, that is good. Hope the wind calms down for you tomorrow.

    See you Friday.

    1. I'm lucky. The weather hasn't been too bad, other than the head wind. This morning, it's a coolish and damp 65 degrees. I looked at the weather forecast for Glasgow, MT and I might be in for rain this afternoon.

  3. Erik:

    you seem to be making good time. cool is better but not with so much wind. My bike doesn't like wind, too much buffetting is a known fact for V-stroms with side cases.

    Amazing that you are following in George's wheel tracks

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. The cool weather helped. There really aren't too many ways to get across northern Minnesota. 2 is pretty much the main road.

  4. Eric
    Where is the route map?