Monday, August 20, 2012

A Bad Day in a Kayak...

Beats any day of working around the house. The other day, Nancy and I were talking about how we hadn't been out in the kayaks in a long time.
This afternoon, the weather was a mild 72°f (22°c) with a partly cloudy sky. A perfect day to paddle some of the Namekagon River. We loaded the truck with the kayaks and gear, packed a small snack and took off. We dropped Nancy's car off at the Cable Wayside Landing, then returned to the Cap Creek Landing, just a mile or so from home, and put in.
It's 5.9 miles of river, and most of it was pretty good. The water level is very low, we haven't had any decent amount of rain in a long time. In parts of the river, the depth can vary between a few inches and a few feet. The rocks that are normally under water and make for a fun ride down gentle rapids, were exposed and ready to bounce us around.

We took a short snack stop at the Phillipi Landing.

Then it was back into the river. The last 2.4 miles were pretty bad. There were more than 25 times where I had to break my paddle in half and use both short halves like cross country ski poles to push my self through shallow spots and free myself from the rocks. Talk about an upper body workout!
We were on the river for just about 4 hours. It was pretty slow going with such low water levels.

A few pictures from today.

Large patches of Forget-me-nots.

Low bridge..

Interesting green life on the end of an old piling...

I know there's a name for this, but it escapes me....

Even with low water levels, a day on the river is better than a day at home!


  1. I don't know. Having never been in a kayak before I'll probably flip. Lots of canoe trips but they seem more stable...

    1. Richard, I think a lot depends on the type of kayak. We have 2 of the sit-on-top style as opposed to the sit-in style. They're a little wider and more stable, but there's a trade off. The wider the slower... They're easy to get into and out of, even in deeper water. They make great fishing platforms too. The sit-on-tops are almost unsinkable but there's a good chance you'll get a bit wet. In the summer that's ok. If you were to use them in cooler to cold weather, a wet suit might be required. With the sit-ins, there's a spay skirt to keep you dry and the water out, but their narrow shape can make them less stable.

  2. Never been in a kayak but have always wanted to try. Especially like the crocs on the bow.

    1. Thanks, I think they go well with the bright yellow hull! We really enjoy the kayaks.

  3. Great trip even if it was an upper body work out. It is amazing what is hiding under the water that pops out when the level is low. All the green and trees sure are pretty and your "croc-offs" too.

    The stones are a cairn - man made pile of rocks to mark a trail. Can be big or small

    1. I knew there was a name for the rock stack, thanks...

      It was a work out but some of the trip made it all worth while.

  4. Erik:

    I had to smile when I noticed the Ninja un-Crocs© . Luck the water level was low, otherwise you may have hit your head on that low bridge

    I like the cooler temps too, it's around 22°c here but forecast to be colder the next few days down to 18°c, and rain is on the way

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. I guess you never know where the Croc-offs will turn up next.
      I think the next time we take the kayaks out we'll try a local lake for a little fishing.