Sunday, August 05, 2012

Day 6... Iron Mountain Road.

This morning we were able to make a decision about where to go for a ride. The 7 of us, on 5 motorcycles, 3 heavy cruisers, 2 sport-touring bikes, went east towards Sturgis, then headed down Vanocker Canyon Road. The traffic was not too bad, but heavy enough to keep the speeds at a "little too slow to really enjoy" pace. Vanocker Canyon runs into Nemo Road. We turned right onto Norris Peak Road and rode it to the end at hwy 44. We followed 44 to 385, down to 16, then onto Twin Springs Road. We rode 323, aka Old Hill City Road, into Keystone.
We stopped for lunch in Keystone at a place called BarLee's. After lunch we went east on 40 the turned onto Playhouse Road. That's where John and I got separated from the rest of group. They were ahead of us and missed the turn. It turned out for the best.
It gave john and I a chance to hit the twisties with out anyone else around. Playhouse road is a short cut to 16A, aka Iron Mountain Road. We were able to ride that section from south to north. That way, when you drive through 2 of the 3 tunnels, you come out looking at Mount Rushmore. John and I stopped at the scenic overlook at the top and waited for the others to catch up. We never saw them, but they later claimed they drove past us and honked.
The rest of the ride was straight up 385 to 85 to Camp.
Headed for Vanocker Canyon...

From the scenic overlook on Iron Mountain Road.

Lots of these....

One of the pig tail bridges. This one starts at the end of one of the 3 tunnels...

16 A splits into single lane, one way road sections..

Two more bridge shots, shot on the fly...

A profile shot of Washington....

Iron Mountain Road is one of the roads in South Dakota that can not be missed!! It's best to do it anytime except the 3 weeks around rally time
Zoom in close near the letter L on the map to see the best area of Iron Mountain Road...

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  1. I have almost the exact profile shot of Washington. That loop looks like a great road but probably not much fun if it's crowded.

    Are those pedestrian bridges?

    1. Richard, those bridges are for highway traffic. they loop around 270 degrees, climbing or dropping in elevation, depending on if you're going up or down the mountain.
      It's not as much fun if the people in front of you slam on the brakes before every little turn.

  2. I would love to visit those big statues on the side of the mountain. Looks like some excellent riding in that area too.

    1. The roads in the Black Hills area of South Dakota are really nice for motorcycle riding.... As long as the traffic isn't too bad...(not rally week).

  3. Those roads look like a lot of fun. I can see how they are a destination.

    1. I've been there 20-some times. I never get tired of it.