Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 3 of the Trip to ?

It rained last night when a strong thunder and lightning storm passed through. I thought my tent was a goner, but it survived and I stayed dry. I woke up to clear blue skies, and perfect riding weather. Mesh jacket and a t-shirt kind of weather.

I decided to spend another day in Belle Fourche. I wanted to try out my GoPro Hero 3. I thought that a spirited ride down Spearfish Canyon or Vanocker Canyon would make for great video. I started down Spearfish Canyon and pulled over before a nice twisty section. I turned on the camera and saw the "low battery" symbol. The camera would only stay on a few seconds and then shut it's self off....CRAP! It was fully charged before I left home, and this was the first time I used it this trip, I was so disappointed.

About 3/4 of the way down Spearfish Canyon there is a gravel road that leads to Roughlock Falls. With all the rain lately, there was a lot of water going over the falls.

From Roughlock Falls I kept going south. At Cheyenne Crossing, I turned to go north on 85. I took 385 south and turned off on Nemo Road, and rode it all the way down to Johnson Siding. I stopped for a drink and a snack at the only gas station in town.

When I passed by Lake Pactola, I stopped for the yearly water level picture. I have pictures from past years where you could walk out to the island without getting your feet wet.

I continued down to Hill City. You'd think it was rally week, there were motorcycles everywhere. After Hill City, I took 244 over to Keystone. Again, more motorcycles and huge RVs!

I didn't want to pay the $11.00 for an annual parking pass to get into Mount Rushmore, so a shot from the side of the road will have to do.

I was going to run down 16A, AKA Iron Mountain Road, but the skies looked like there might be an afternoon thunder storm brewing. I headed for Rapid City instead. I should have kept with the original plan. The dark clouds never developed into anything.

I treated myself to the steak tip dinner at the American West Restaurant...mmmmm

I'm in the tent looking at a mix of pink sky to the north and dark rain clouds to the west. A dry and quite night would be nice.

I think I'll continue on my way towards ? tomorrow.


  1. I like the last picture with the head on the mountain, is that washingtons head?

    Ah the old gopro issues. Flat battery is a bummer, my first trip out with the gopro and it said sd card error. Frustraiting little cameras at times.

    1. Yes, that's the first President, George Washington's face in the picture.. well the side of it anyways.

  2. Erik:

    are you sure that you remembered to turn OFF your WiFi ? as it draws power. If everything is OFF the battery should be good to go. The Hero3 consumes battery power more than the Hero1, this is what I have noticed.

    Would the yearly $50. National Parks Pass be good at Mt Rushmore. $11. seems a bit steep when you are only stopping for a few minutes to snap a photo. When I get there I'm not paying the $11. either but I will have the Parks Pass


    Whenever you take your card out to download your video, always turn your Gopro ON when you put your card back. Once in a while you have to seat it again. Happened to me too.

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Thanks for the tip about the wifi...

      The interesting thing about Mount Rushmore, is the admission is free, but the parking is under a private contract by someone other than the park service. So, a senior pass or disability pass or even a season pass won't save any money... it's for "parking" not admission.... go figure.

      Even during the Sturgis Rally, they still charge $11.00 per bike, even though you can put 3 or 4 bikes in one car spot. There are usually a lot of unhappy people!

  3. What a wonderful trip. Great area. Have you seen the grasslands yet?

    1. I just drove through the Thunder Basin National Grasslands today..

  4. A nice sunny day and beautiful roads. Any idea where you are heading yet? I am playing catch up on posts from the weekend.... on to day 4.