Thursday, February 27, 2014


I'm hoping this is the last of this...

With this winter being as cold as it's been, I haven't even thought about doing any winter maintenance. I wish I had something at least remotely motorcycle related to share.


  1. I think everyone is wintered out & is waiting for spring.

  2. I'm done as well. Too much winter; not enough patience.

  3. Erik:

    For the past week or so our weather has been great, low 40's°F during the day. I saw several bikes out. I even saw one yesterday on my commute in the morning. I was nearly thinking of buying insurance but now we are forecast for snow on Sunday and into next week. Not much but not riding weather either.

    Did you realize that Spring is only 3 weeks away ?

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. For the last week or so, it has been wonderful around here. I guess there's some truth to the cold in the lower 48 (that's you), warm here "rule". Mornings are still in the negative teens but it has been warming up into the mid 20s during the day. Quite a swing. Yesterday, there was even liquid water on south facing area...

  5. Pretty colors on the gauges. -25 is too damn cold. Even if it is Bahama weather for Richard, lol.