Saturday, March 22, 2014

It's All in How You Look at it.

It snowed again yesterday. I'll try and find this winter's snowfall totals figures for Cable, WI, until I do, I'll just guess and say, we've had plenty!

But in the mean time, here's a few pictures to put this glorious winter into perspective!

A quick check of brought up some interesting info on just how cold it's been up here.

Since November 1, 2013 to yesterday, March 20, 2014.... 141 days.

We've had 69 days with a low temp of below 0°F (-17.7°C)...

The end of my driveway.

And 13 days where the high was still below 0°...

My brother in-law's boat.

Of the last 141 days, only 31 of them had highs above 32°F (0°C) and 110 had highs of 32°F or less...

The path to the wood racks...

In the months of December, January and February, we had a total of 4 days with temps of above 32°F....

My truck from the front window.

We had 2 long stretches of day time highs below 32°F... one was 42 day in a row, the other was 36...

This was 3-1-2012 and I thought that was a lot of snow 2 years ago!

But even with all the cold and snow, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else! Give up these brilliant blue, crystal clear, winter skies?

Or give up the flame orange sunsets over the old Telemark ski hills?

Because Martha threw out a challenge....
Here's a shot of the apres snow blowing treat Nancy made. Crispy corn tortillas topped with avocado, cherry tomatoes, cheese and lettuce, toasted in a 425° oven for 3 minutes. Add a little bit of salsa to the top of them and mmmmm!


  1. I'm with you on the gorgeous winter blue skies. Reminds me of Alberta... still not convinced, not enough days left for motorcycling ;-)

  2. A brilliant sky over snow covered terrain is beautiful ... but not as beautiful as an open road under the wheels of a motorcycle eh! It's been freakishly snowy ... but this too shall pass Erik.

  3. Muy bueno! Tasty and colorful looking!

    You would have to be in love with where you live to endure this and you are just the person who should live there. It's nice when that happens!

  4. We've had the cold but I think you win in the snow category - hands down.

  5. I know the snow must be a right pain at times (I know I couldn't live with having to park the bikes up for so long) but as others have said it makes for some great pictures!

    I reckon I'd also enjoy sitting back on the couch with the fire raging and looking out on the snow coming down.

  6. You're doing well Erik, no matter how " look at it". Friends were in Cable during the ski race and reported that conditions were at or about "the most challenging ever".

    I'm envious of your wooded, protected location where the snow can just fall, which is appears to have done a lot of :)

    We have some bare ground here and you will soon.

  7. I figured you wouldn't see much out that window.

    Thanks for looking up the statistics, it really puts it in perspective.

    While I don't like the cold temperatures I sure understand why you want to love there. So beautiful.

    And that snack looks tasty too. Very nice presentation. I take it, it wasn't too pretty to eat though.

  8. Interesting stats. You got me motivated to check ours. For the same 140 day period:
    Low below 0°F: 99
    Highs below 0°F: 30
    Highs above 32°F: 14
    Highs below 32°F: 124

    Longest period of low temps below 0°F: 23 days

    Highest temperature: _44°F
    Lowest temperature: -47°F
    Largest swing in 24 hr: 53°F

  9. Great, comparison stats! We're ties at 14 for the days with highs over 32, but you've got 30 more days with lows under 0.
    I'll have to look up the # of consecutive days with lows under 0, but I think you've got more!... A lot more!

    I had a local friend that spent the last 5 months up in Eagle River, AK and we'd watch the weather.... I was usually colder that him!

    1. Eagle River is in the banana belt of Alaska. But the Chugach Mountains make it one of the prettiest places in the state.

  10. I couldn't handle that kind of winter. It would be like the worst parts of "The Shining".