Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Riding on Borrowed Time...

This year's riding season is soon to come to an end. The weather guessers are calling for a few wet days and then some more sun and 50°... We'll see. By this time last year we had several inches of snow on he ground already.


We've had a some very nice fall days lately and I've managed to get a few things done. Last week, I took the Zx-14 out for a long ride and a fresh tank of no E premium with Sta-bil added at the gas stop. I did the same thing with the FJR yesterday. I stopped at Delta lake for photo ops with both bikes...

That's sun reflection, not road rash.

After riding up the Delta-Drummond Road, I cut over on CR-E towards Mason. This was the view just before Mason.

I noticed something in the field...

Zoom in a little...

Zoom in a some more...

We see a lot of Bald Eagles up here in the north woods, but usually they're flying by or circling overhead. When they're feasting on road kill, it's usually on the roadside and they take off when you get close. This was a great opportunity! Far enough away to not scare him off, but close enough for a picture.

I spent most of today working in the garage. I was rearranging things trying to make the most of the space. Freeing up the tractor's snow blower, putting away the mower deck, sweeping the floor... I hope to have the wood rack filled and the garage finished tomorrow.

I did make time for a ride on the Wr250x, just long enough to warm it up so I could change the oil.


  1. Well spotted, Erik. Love the eagle pic. Ride as much as you can.

    1. Thank you. It's raining now, but Sunday and Monday are looking nice. Maybe a bike will come out then.

  2. Nice eagle shot! And a nice looking garage! Does the snow blower mount at the rear of the tractor? Or is pto available on the front somehow??

    1. Thanks, and yes, it's a front mount blower. There's a pto in about the middle of the tractor forward to power it, it also powers the mower deck. There's a rear pto too, just incase I get crazy and find a deal on a rear mount tiller or some other implement/toy...

  3. What a difference a year makes to the weather. Glad to see you are having a nice fall.

  4. At work the other day, I was enjoying my lunch outside when the CEO came out and commented to a co-worker how beautiful the weather was for winter. I chuckled to myself, thinking "winter" is still 6 weeks away, it'll be here soon enough, let's not push it.
    Glad you were able to get the bikes out for a ride before their hibernation, and the tractor prepared for the inevitable snowfall. The grey skies and rain has settled in here, I don't expect to see too many more sunny days like you have, although we stay much warmer (a trade off I suppose).

  5. Erik, it truly has been a wonderful autumn for us 'down here' and not very different for you further north. Weekend bursts of warm(er) weather...what's not to like about THAT! Not only am I getting at least slightly caught up on things avoided all summer, I'm sneaking in a ride or two as well. Today will be no different. :)

    When you finish your garage tidy, I could sure use some help from someone with your talent.

  6. Erik - this year looks much better than last year at this time for sure.