Monday, September 11, 2017

Time for Some Maintenance...

My 9th riding season on the big Kawasaki is winding down, the bike has 53,615 miles on it now.

Since I bought it new in the spring of '09, I've done 15 oil changes, 5 front tires, 6 rear tires (got a flat in one rear tire while in Nevada, put a plug in it, rode home, then replaced the tire... better to be safe than sorry), 3 air filters, 1 battery, 1 chain and sprocket set, and 1 set of spark plugs.

I have an opportunity to take a long weekend road trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota! Before taking this road trip, the bike needed some maintenance. I installed the 6th front, and 7th rear tires, Michelin Pilot Road 2. I also installed a new chain and sprocket set. I did it's 16th oil change and flushed the brake and clutch fluid..

I've scrubbed the bike clean and waxed it up. I've got the GPS and Xm radio hooked up and tested. I just need to pack some clothes and I'll be good to go!

The new chain and sprocket set...

New tires.. already mounted up!

I'll be riding with my buddy John. We're planning to leave Wisconsin on Wednesday and getting to Belle Fourche on Thursday. Staying until Monday, or if the weather is going to be bad, leave on Sunday instead. I should be home by Tuesday evening at the latest.

There are going to be Supercross races in Sturgis this weekend, so we'll try to watch a little racing and do some riding in the hills. I really want to ride Spearfish Canyon, Vanocker Canyon Road, 385, 244, Iron Mountain Road...

This is Iron Mountain Road, AKA 16A. I hope you can click the pic for a bigger view of it! Or, search Google Maps for, "Keystone, SD" and check out the road, it's just south of town. If you ride it from the south to north, you can see Mount Rushmore as you drive through a couple of one lane tunnels..

My last trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota was in 2013. It will be nice to get out and put on some miles again!

If all goes as planned, there should be frequent updates with plenty of pictures... I hope...


  1. Cool! Looking forward to the trip reports...

  2. Have a great trip. I'd love to bring my 14 over to the US to ride.

    I look forward to your ride report.

  3. Hope you have a great trip Eric. Looks like it will be a good one, weather permitting. Safe riding mate.

  4. Have fun and hope you find plenty of corners for the old girl to cut loose on!

  5. That looks like a great road Erik. Congrats on over 50k on the bike. Here's to another 50k.

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  7. I have so, so much catching up to do!! Quickly looks like you're having a great trip, albeit wet. Will check back, be safe Erik!