Sunday, August 08, 2010

Day 8. The Spearfish E.R.

Today was the day of the breakfast at the VFW/Legion in Sturgis. Everyone was there except Lee and Gabi. Paul's group had 7, we had 5. and Tom and Carla. After breakfast I went with John to the Emergency Room at the Spearfish Hospital. The rash that was on his arms 3 days ago was spreading. The Dr. thought it might be Scabies. He could have picked up the parasite in any of the motels we stayed in on the way out. He gave John a prescription for cream and told him how to deal with it. We stopped at Wal-mart for a few supplies and to pick up his prescription, and then went back to camp. John decided to leave all his crap in his tent for a few days and stay with some friends. Without a host to feed on the Scabies won't live more than 2 or 3 days.
I stayed at the campgrounds and went to dinner with the others. After dinner I stopped at the laundromat and washed my clothes.
We had another storm front blow through just after bed time. The winds were really straining my tent, but there was no damage. We've been here in years past when storms have destroyed a few tents.

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