Sunday, August 08, 2010

Day 9. Eeewww, Nice arms John!

Today, John is living in self imposed exile with friends south of Belle Fourche. I am missing him today. I got up at 0600 and took a nice long shower. Everyone else slept in until 0700. By 0930 they finally got around to thinking it was time to eat. We got to the Belle Inn just a few minutes later. We looked at the parking lot, it was full. I made the comment that the Hardee's across the street was empty. It fell on deaf ears. We got our food a little over an hour later. It was good, but we could have been out of there and on the road an hour sooner if we had stopped across the street. Oh well. I was thinking we would come back to camp after breakfast so I didn't leave prepared. I would have brought my camera had I known we were not coming back.
After eating we went down Spearfish Canyon. It was loaded with slow movers. We stopped at Cheyenne Crossing for a pop. Lyle, Larrie and Garth were going to go to Rochford. I told Garth that when they turned, I was going to break off and head to camp. I stopped back at camp, spoke to Kent, paid for a few more days, grabbed my camera and went to the Stonehouse Bar on Hwy. 34 to meet John.

They have markers all over the inside so you can leave you mark. I wrote a note...

So did John...

After a pop and a brat, I followed John to where he's staying. Rich and Linda invited me to stay for dinner. Pork chops on the grill with stuffing and peas, mmmm.
I got back to camp to find a huge group of 20 somethings had set up across the road from us. Oh well, I'm almost out of here. Next year I'll try to get here on Friday, the last day of the rally. It will be cheaper and quieter.

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  1. Holy Crap!!! Erik, thanks for the blog. Also, thanks for being such a good friend. I am asking you to keep an eye on John and if necessary make him go back to an ER if this does not improve. He has an income producing wife with the best health care money can buy!!! It's all good! XXX - Wendie