Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 5 of My Trip...Day 1 of the iMBC 2012

I woke up this morning to a beautiful, clear day in Riggins. It looked like it was going to be a great day for a ride! This was the view from the motel.

A few miles down the road I stopped for a few more shots of the hills.

I crossed the 45th parallel, on US-95, just north of New Meadows, ID.

Just before Council, ID I spotted a few tractors for sale... An Allis-Chalmers single front tire CA, a Framall A and a Ford-Ferguson.

US-95 runs through Weiser, Id and into Oregon.

A few blocks into OR, I got on 201 and followed that out to I-84. I rode the interstate up to Baker City. I was here by 10:30 local time. I pulled into the hotel and asked about my room. I figured it was way too early, but they had it ready.

I unloaded my baggage and called home to check in. Then I called one of the 3 other bloggers that I knew to be in town. After a few calls, Bob, Richard, and Karen showed up at my hotel, and we went for lunch.
After lunch, we all went back to the campground where Karen was staying. We sat around in the shade, on the picnic table, waiting to hear that the other 4 bloggers had arrived. Around 6:15 p.m., the 4 of us rode into town to meet the others for dinner.
During dinner, Sonja provided each of us with the patch shown at the top of the page. Thank you Sonja, what a great idea!

The following bloggers are here. Click their names to be taken to their blog...

Karen from Ontario, Canada.

Richard from Fairbanks, Alaska.

Brandy and her husband, Brad from Oregon.

Bob from British Columbia, Canada.

Sonja and her husband Roland, from BC, Canada.

I didn't bring my camera to dinner, but I'm sure there are pictures on the other blogs, and there will be more pictures taken this weekend.

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  1. I suppose Sonaj didn't send me a pacth in the post ? Nice touch........I really do wish I was there catching up with all you guys.

    1. Roger, so far this has been a pretty fun time. It would be neat to meet even more fellow bloggers!

  2. I like the patch Sonja made for you guys. Sounds like you guys are having a ball.

    1. It has been really fun! Good roads and good people.

  3. I spent many an hour with an "A". Even more hours atop a Farmall 300. Our big tractor was a Farmall 460. Have a soft spot in my heart for these old beasts...especially the A. My 83 year old Dad, bought a SuperA a couple of years ago. He was still using the A to move roadsides and the using levers to lift the mover was getting to be old. Now he has hydraulics!

    What a wonderful collection of folk. I'm sure you're having a wonderful time.
    Circle Blue

    1. Keith, thanks for stopping by and commenting. A few posts back on my blog, I wrote about bringing my Fathers tractor home to my place. It's a '51 A-C "B". It will run again and maybe even get a bit of paint to make it look good too.

  4. I checked out your friends' blogs; no wonder you're all having a fantastic time together! Will be watching Erik!

    1. Thanks Doug, they are in interesting and diverse group of people. A great area to ride too.

  5. Darn, I missed the 'Welcome to Oregon' sign this time (Roland just blasted by before I could shout "photo!" through the intercom...)