Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trip to the iMBC, Day 4. Lincoln, MT to Riggins, ID

I spent a quite a bit of time last night standing around a fire pit eating somores with the motel owner, his wife, and her parents. We were talking motorcycles, touring, heavy equipment and gold.

I spent some time this morning repacking my gear and that slowed me down. I didn't get going as fast as I thought I would. That's OK, I'm in no rush
I left Lincoln on highway 200 towards Missoula.

I took highway 12 out of Missoula and headed for Lolo Pass.

It was nice and cool up at the visitors center, but the temps slowly climbed throughout the day.
I didn't stop for very many pictures along highway 12.

Ahhhh... SHADE!!!!

I had originally thought I'd camp in Kamiah, but the weather made me change my mind. I turned left onto 13 and rode to Grangeville. The lowest price room was $71.00, a bit much for my budget. Before I left town I had a late lunch at the Mexican restaurant, Palenque.
I headed south on 95. In Riggins I saw a sign for an affordable room!

I've put 1510 miles on so far.
Tomorrow, I'll be in Baker City, OR to meet 7 other bloggers.
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  1. Yay, one more sleep. Glad you were able to find a reasonably priced room. Sure beats the prices we are paying in Enterprise Sat/Sun.

    The pictures over the pass look great and I always like seeing the rivers.

    See you tomorrow.

    1. I'm gonna try and be on the road by 8:00 this morning. I'll see everybody soon.

  2. That last road you came in on looks fantastic on the map. Nice and wiggly. Bet your tyres have copped a hammering on that section.

    1. The whole route from Lolo Pass on the Montana-Idaho border to Riggins, Idaho was pretty good! I think you can zoom in on the map and see up close.
      I did grind off a bit of the tire's sides!!