Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Lazy Sunny Day...

Three of our four cats took advantage of the bright sunshine coming through a south facing window and spent the better part of the morning napping...

Screamer with the "dad, you woke us up" look on his face.

We had a light dusting of snow the other day. I wasn't going to shovel or blow the driveway, but the plow went by last night so I took the snow blower out to clean up the end of it. Just as I was finishing up, a large Caterpillar grader with a wing plow came down the road. I backed up and watched as he came closer. He was pushing back the drift that had accumulated on the roadside. I watched as he slowed down and pushed a HUGE pile of snow onto the end of my driveway. All I could do was stand there with a hurt look on my face. He stopped and made hand gestures that I interpreted as "there's another plow coming behind me to clean it up". I gave him the thumbs up and he continued on his way. It wasn't many minutes later that a medium sized rubber tired loader came down the road. It had a large adjustable snow blade on the front. He swung around and pushed the snow several feet off the drive way and up to the tree line. He really cleared up the grader's mess. Thanks Town of Cable road crew!

The long shot up the driveway...

The sun was out in full force today. It didn't do much for the temps, but any bright day is a good day! Maybe Martha will get some of this sunshine soon!


  1. That is a long driveway. And it looks like a beautiful day. The graders they use for snow up here have some sort of blade they put down when approaching a driveway to keep the snow from being pushed to the side. They drop it down a couple yards before they get to the drive and raise it back up once they're past.

  2. I'm in a no win deal here. When the sun is out it's colder, the windchills are still jumping around -25 this week, so the curtains get closed to keep the cold out and heat in. So no sun bathing for my poor cats. I have a feeling this winter will be a long one again and it's a good idea to conserve the heat.

    I like your last photo. Looks like the same depth as our snowfall.

  3. I remember those dreaded plough moments up in Northern BC, BUT they never came back and unplugged the end of your driveway. I spent countless winters shovelling out ice at the end - ugh. Finally after living there for about 10 years the city outfitted the ploughs with the drop gate and it solved the problem. I absolutely do not miss shovelling snow.

    Your driveway looks ginormous! I think I would have a little riding tractor for that baby. I think the kitties have the right idea snuggling up in a patch of sun.

  4. Erik:

    If I had to use a shovel to clear your driveway, I'd be dead

    but I like your sunshine

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. We're finally seeing some sunshine here today, but it's accompanied by -30C temperatures so no playing outside for a day or two until that breaks. I'd rather have snow than this cold.

  6. Beautiful snow pics. Time for you to put studs on the WR yet?

    Nice that someone came along and cleaned up the grader mess. I can imagine your hurt little boy look as it filled the driveway after you cleared it.

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