Sunday, August 07, 2016

3rd Post Since Spring?

I haven't done much riding this Summer, but I have kept busy.

Today, Nancy and I went kayaking on the Namekagon River. Each time we go, we try to do a different section. We put in at the Thompson Bridge Canoe Landing and got out 4.3 miles down stream at the Larsen Bridge Landing. We've had some rain lately (more on that later) so the river is still pretty high for this late in the Summer. That's kind of nice, the high water gives you more clearance over some of the large rocks in the river. Lower water levels make for what seems like slower water, but bouncing off the rocks is not a lot of fun.

One of several NPS camping spots along the river...

I've noticed that the ferns along side the road way are starting to die off. Is this the start of some Fall color?

Our kayaks. We have the sit-on variety.

The garden has been producing... A few days ago I harvested, and taste tested, the first of my Yukon Gold potatoes... Yum!

Last weekend, Nancy and I met up with Doug, from Coop's Corner, and his son, Ben. We met down in Rice Lake for a photo op with ScooterBob, and then had lunch at Culver's. A huge thank you to Doug and Ben for making time in their busy family schedule to meet up with Nancy and me. Getting the chance to see ScooterBob meant a lot to me.

I mentioned rain??? Over night on July 11th-12th, we got a huge amount of rain in a very short time. Some areas near us got 10", some got more. Our little 5" rain gauge was over filled. If that wasn't enough, we lost power over night and it was off for close to 11 hours. Not a good combination. I was witness to an ever rising flood in the sump basket in the basement. The water kept rising during the night and with no power to run the sump pump.... Well, here's a few pictures...

At least all the cardboard boxes were off the floor on shelving. There were only plastic tubs on the floor.

The water flooded the entire basement. Thank heavens for optional sump/sewer back up insurance! The actual loss, a small area of carpet and some very minor water damage, totaled just a little over the deductible, but the insurance company covered the clean up and drying! The "man cave" will get some type of waterproof vinyl flooring and a new door this Fall.

We lost an oak tree in the backyard that night too...

We've had more wildlife in the backyard...

We visited Amnicon Falls State Park and saw a nice waterfall and some interesting rock formations.

My riding buddy, John, has finally had enough of living in St. Paul, MN. He and his wife, Wendie, recently purchased a home on a lake outside of Hayward, WI. They're in the process of moving up and selling the MN place. That will be nice, I wont have to drive 160 miles to go riding with him.

More as it happens up here in the north woods...

P.S. the FJr's replacement is in a few pictures... Did you see it? Hint: Bob would be pleased.


  1. water looks appealing for slow cruising taking in all the scenery along the river
    fresh garden veggies cannot be beat for sure
    hope you got more than that as was only a meal there
    still dont like the look of your bears getting there so close to your house but i suppose its something that is usual up where you are
    and i guess the bike is yellow and a scooter of some kind

  2. You could go boatercycling lol. Yes I'm here all night.....

    1. Boatercycling, hahahaha, good one Steve.

      The kayaking looks fun, the flooded basement, not so much.

      Very cool that you could meet up with Doug and have a few pics with ScooterBob.

    2. Boatercycling... that IS good!

      Yes, flooded basement is not a good thing, especially when you're up all night watching it happen.

  3. I thought the "man cave" and the shop were the same thing...

    Very nice looking replacement for the FJR. Though there may be a few too many tires. 10" of rain in one storm. And here we are complaining of 8" of rain in one month (that's close to our annual precipitation).

    1. My man cave is a small room finished off in the basement... I guess the garage is mt man cave too.

      Seeing as how Nancy can't ride on the back of a motorcycle any more, I thought this might be just as fun.

  4. Chevrolet Corvette Convertible
    YELLOW is that it

  5. Bob would have loved your choice of replacement vehicle, although you might want to change to a pair of Crocs in fitting yellow.

    Bummer on the basement flooding, but you seemed so well organised (any German heritage?), that damage was obviously very limited. Good job!

    1. Thanks, I'll be looking for bright yellow Crocs.

      Sorry, no German, all Norwegian. A place for everything, and everything in it's place...

  6. I have only posted three or four times this year in my blog, and only put 75 miles on my bike this year. lol