Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Northern Fall Color Run.

Nancy has been out of town since Monday and I've been keeping busy working on projects around the house. This morning, I decided that I would have a day of rest for myself. I thought that a day trip through the north woods was just what I needed. I ate breakfast, washed the dishes, fed the cats, brought in the mail, and got ready. I left home a little after 0900. I took the Zx-14 because the FJR has a problem....

The left fork seal is leaking, so I pulled off the forks. I haven't had them fixed yet so the bike sits waiting.

I drove up to Hudson and got on 94 and got off 17 miles later at the Baldwin exit. I took 63 north and stopped for a quick fill of premium at the 63/64 intersection. I continued up 63 to Spooner. In Spooner, I went east on 70 to Stone Lake, then north on 27 To Hayward. I had a small bite to eat at KFC, then back on the road. From Hayward, I went north on 63 towards Cable. I got off 63 near Seeley and took a few back roads along side the main highway. I drove past a home for sale. Nancy and I had looked at it a few weeks before, but I wanted to see it again. It's nice but,there are a few issues with it. It's large, has 2 full flights of stairs, a 1 car garage, and interesting neighbors. The neighbors have a gaint cross and the ten commandments in their yard.. not that there's anything wrong with that... but...I'm just saying..
Anyway, here are some pictures from the ride.

I went east out of Cable on county road M, into the Chequamegon National Forrest, north on county road D, around Namekagon Lake, and I followed that up to 63 in Grand View. I took 63 back south and stopped in Drummond at the BP for a stretch and another tank of premium.

I left Drummond at about 2:00 p.m., and I went down 63 to Hayward. I made a quick pass over to check on my sisters cabin on Smith Lake. I took a few more pictures.

From Smith Lake, I went through town and visited my parents and the rest of my family at Greenwood Cemetery.

From there I headed home.

It was a great day to ride, with cool temps, light wind, and not much traffic!
I was home by 5:45 p.m. 371 miles.

I've put 15750 miles on the Zx in the last 2 seasons. It is fast becoming my favorite!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Early Fall Ride.

Being as I retired last week, I now find I have time to ride during the week when traffic is light. That is so nice. Today, I did a little route scouting for a small group ride later this fall. I did a nice 180 mile loop through Pierce, Pepin and Buffalo Counties. I really like this area of Wisconsin. I'm lucky to have nice riding right outside my door. I left home about 1030, and brought my camera with to take a few fall pictures. I got home about 4 hours later.

The sumac is turning red already.

The soy beans are finishing off and turning gold.

The corn is drying up too.

Even some of the maple trees are starting to turn color.

I drove out Hwy. 10 to Plum City. From there it was almost all county roads. All but 3 were "alphabet roads". From Plum City, I made my way down to Pepin. I stopped at BP for a hot chocolate and a cookie.

Then back to riding. Here's my route sheet.

Some of the trees are starting to turn.

When to corn is gone, this will be a great view into the valley.

The obligatory bike shots.

A few more pictures.

I was headed back to Prescott, and going through Ellsworth, it had warmed up a little bit.