Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 17. The End!

I got up early Tuesday morning, packed and was ready for breakfast by 6:30. I was pretty excited to be going home. I missed Nancy and the boys (cats). 17 days away from home is a long time for me, for others 17 days is nothing.
I was on the road by 6:50, that's 7:50 central time. I gassed 3 times, and grabbed a quick lunch at the Taco John's in Luvern, MN. I finished the 541 mile day by 4:30.
I brought home a few things that I found for Nancy, a sample of beach sand from the Pacific, a huge pine cone, and a couple of crab shells. She was pleased!
Total miles on this trip 5780.9 through 9 states, with only day or two of light rain.
The only mechanical issue I had was the loss of one of the quick connect retainers on my luggage. I didn't notice that until I got home. A replacement and a spare have been ordered.

I also learned that my underwear of choice for a long trip is not the cotton briefs I usually wear everyday, but the stretchy, black, polyester boxers that look like bicycling shorts. Add a bit of Palmer's Bottom Butter, and an Aleve and I'm good to go!!

My bike needs a lot of service in the next few weeks. I need to do an oil change, clean the chain, change brake fluid, check the air filter, and give it a very good cleaning. It's looking pretty ratty!