Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Delta Diner.

A fellow Wisconsin motorcycle blogger, Doug, e-mailed me about my latest posts. He mentioned the Delta Diner. I had not been there yet and it was on my list of things to see. Much has been written about the diner by riders of the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail, AKA the T.W.A.T.
I went for a ride today with the intention of finding the diner. I found a great local road, Forrest Service Road 35. It runs north from Drummond, WI up to Delta, WI. Just a few hundred feet from FS-35 and County H is the Delta Diner. I stopped in the lot for a few pictures. There were a lot of bikes parked in front, and lots of people standing around. I didn't go inside, I'll wait until I can bring Nancy there.

I also checked out the National Forrest Service campground at Perch Lake, north of Drummond. It's a very nice place with a boat ramp and some camp sites on the water.

I also rode down towards Hayward to check on my sister's cabin. The snow has vanished in just a few days. The temps here have been in the mid to upper 70's lately. The Smith Lake Association has made fish cribs and placed them on the ice. When the ice melts, the cribs will sink and provide an environment for small fish to use as protection.

The ice is gone from the Namekagon River. It will soon be time to get out the kayaks.