Sunday, October 23, 2011

100 Miles Round Trip to Ride 10 Miles of Great Road

Yesterday, John came over and we went for a ride on some of the local "alphabet roads". I put about 100 miles on my FJR on that ride. It was a nice fall day, with cool air and bright sun.
We'd been riding for a while, when we found ourselves on County Road SS. A few miles east of Lund, at the start of a nice downhill run with fast sweepers, we had to slow down. There was a grain truck and 2 H-D dressers in front of us. I never ride as if the road is my race track, but the speed of the vehicles in front of us was depressing. By the time the grain truck was at the bottom of the hill it was quite a ways ahead of the Harleys, yet they were still dragging their brakes. AARRRGGG! I got the feeling that the grain truck wasn't slowing them down, if you know what I mean. We stopped along side the road at the intersection of SS and U. We waited for the truck and bikers to move a ways ahead of us before we continued. While we were stopped John and I decided to head back to my place. We cut short one of my favorite roads, and headed west.
When we got to my place I changed oil in the FJR while John and I shot the breeze.

Today, I went out by my self. I had the supplies to change the oil in the Zx-14 and wanted to warm it up before I started that project. I took a swing through town to try and gage the "biker" activity in front of the local bars. Weekends in Prescott can find the main street and bars packed with motorcycles. Today the turn out was light. It was probably due to the rain earlier and the Packers Vs. Vikings football game that was going to be on TV in a while. It was so nice to have the roads to myself.
I headed south on WI-35 along the Mississippi River. In the little town of Maiden Rock, I turned left onto County Road S, then right on CC and down to Lund. Out of Lund, I followed SS. Unlike yesterday, there was no one on the roads. I got to ride SS from Lund, past the Porcupine Cemetery, past the junction with D, down hill, all the way to N. That's about 10 miles of really nice sweepers and right angle, 30 MPH corners. Fun!!
I rode through Arkansaw, out to Hwy 10. I went west towards home, but stopped for a pop in Plum City. The cashier told me that the Packers were ahead, 27-17?. Go Pack!! I fed the trout in the city trout pond. They look like they're between 12 and 24 inches long!

After a short break, I drove non stop to home. I pulled in the garage and changed the oil in the Zx-14. Two down, one to go.

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