Saturday, June 23, 2012

So Long, George!

After staying up way too late last night and talking about all things motorcycle, everyone was up by 6:30 this morning. Nancy fixed a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, melon, oranges, and toast. She made coffee, but we were so busy gabbing, that no one drank any!
Too soon it was time and George way on his way west. Just before he left, a Fox walked into the back yard looking for food. George went out to his bike and got his camera. I'm sure he'll post a picture later tonight, but here's a couple from the other day.
I got a picture of his new rear tire. I've seen snow tires with less tread! These things are chunky.
George packed his camera and was ready to leave. He rolled out of the garage, we said our good byes and he was off! So long George, ride safe!

A Fellow Blogger comes to Visit!

(posted after midnight) This was Friday..... I've been tracking the progress of George F as he makes his way from New Jersey to Alaska. I'd seen on his blog, Riding the USA, that he was going to be stopping in Cameron, WI to put tires on his Yamaha Super Tenere. I followed his progress on his blog. He has a SPOT tracking device and a map on his blog, so it shows his current location. When he was about and hour and a half out from Scramblers Cycle in Cameron, I left home and headed that way.
I pulled into the parking lot to find a guy standing in the lot taking pictures of all the old motorcycles scattered around. I pulled up next to him and said, "you must be George". I think he recognized the green Ninja, because he sad, "you must be Erik". With the introductions out of the way, I got off the bike and we went inside the shop and watched Kevin, the shop owner, mount up a set of Heidenau tires on George's bike.
Kevin, the owner of Scrambler Cycle, on the left..... and George, on the right.

After talking to George for a while about his bike and his plans, I invited him to ride the 90 miles up to my place for the evening. He accepted the offer, and after settling up with Kevin, we headed north. We made a quick stop for gas and made it to my place around dinner time. After meeting Nancy and the cats, the 3 of us went out for a typical "Friday night fish fry". We ate at the Sawmill Saloon in Seeley, WI. It's about 12 miles down the road. I, of course, forgot to bring my camera to get a group picture or even a food picture. I know Nancy got a picture of the 2 of us looking a highway maps. I'm sure George will post pictures on his blog. After diner, we went back home and spent the rest of the night sharing riding stories. I'm up too late and I think George is probably blogging now, or will be in the morning. I'll get a picture of the 2 or 3 of us in the morning!