Sunday, October 02, 2016

Fall Colors by Kayak.

It was cool and rainy most of last week so there's been little chance to get out and enjoy any fall colors. Yesterday, Nancy and our friend, Wendie, went to check out the Stone Lake Cranberry Festival. The weather was perfect and that meant big crowds. I'm glad I didn't go along.

Today was another perfect day. I think it topped out at 71° with no wind and a cloudless sky! An excellent time to kayak on the Namekagon River.
We put in at the Thompson Bridge Landing (Mossback Rd.) and got out at the Larsen Road Landing. The two are only 4.4 miles apart by car, but we were on the water almost 3 hours.

That section of the Namekagon is located about half way between our home, just east of Cable, and Hayward. The river runs right next to the little town of Seeley. It's really just a wide spot in the road, but there's a lumber company, a cemetery, and a small motel-bar-restaurant in town. The Sawmill Saloon has a great fish fry on Friday nights.

The river is pretty tame in that section, no rapids and not too many shallow spots. It does have it's share of large rocks just below the surface to watch for though.

A Google map of the area....

Here's a link to the National Parks Service map of the St. Croix River National Scenic Riverway that includes the Namekagon... Here...

Here are the pictures from today...

It's supposed to be just as nice tomorrow. John and I are going to meet up and take the bikes out for a ride. Maybe a land based fall color report will follow!