Saturday, November 12, 2011

Maybe the Last Ride of the Season?

At about 11:30 today, I was sitting around the house when John called. He asked me if I had checked the air in my tires yet. I told him, "no", and asked him if I needed to do that. Was I going somewhere today? He said we'd be leaving my place around 1:00.... Funny, I was just thinking of going for a ride.
I rolled the 2 bikes out into the driveway and gave them a quick wipe down with spray polish. I fired up the air compressor and checked the tires. I decided to ride the FJR, it was low on fuel and I could fill it on the way home.
A little after 1:00 John arrived. We took a quick look at the WI gazetteer and planned a loop.

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It's about 120 miles long through Wisconsin farmland and glacial valleys.

We stopped in Plum City and had a snack. Then again at the scenic overlook along the Mississippi River, just north of Pepin, WI.

A few barges headed south.

Johns '09 H-D Electra Glide Classic, and my '06 Yamaha FJR.

We were back in Prescott by 4:10.

Tonight, the weather man on tv said that the highs later in the week would be in the low 30's, with a chance of snow by next weekend. This might be the end of the season.

I hope not!