Friday, July 13, 2012

60 Hours and Counting...

It's getting close to the departure date for my trip to Oregon for the IMBC, International Motorcycle Bloggers Convention. I plan to head out first thing Monday morning. I'll travel a northern route across MN, and ND. Then about half way across MT, I'll drop down and catch 200. From there, US-12 into ID.
I plan to be in Baker City around noonish or so on Friday the 20th. I have lots of leeway in my plans as far as how many miles I need to cover in a day.
I have started to assemble and check my gear. Tent, Exped Synmat (air mattress), sleeping bag, cool vest, Camelbak, tank bag with electrical connections for GPS and XM radio. I still have to put together my clothes and a few tools and chain lube.

I've called Verizon and re-activated the service on my little netbook. To test it out, I'm posting from it tonight. As long as I have cell phone service, I'll be able to make blog posts and send e-mails. I won't be dependent on hotel WiFi hotspots any more.

The big green ZX-14 is all serviced and ready to go. In the last few weeks I've changed the, oil and filter, air filter, spark plugs, chain and sprockets, mounted new tires, flushed the brake and clutch fluid, and replaced the front brake pads.

I know once I get out there, I'll wish I had more time and could stay out west longer. I'll have to start for home by Tuesday the 24th. I'll be leaving for the Sturgis rally around the 31st. I'll have just enough time at home to cut the grass, change oil(again!), and wash my clothes before heading back out!