Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 6 of the Trip to ? : Getting Closer to ?

This post is a day late due to slow internet! It's for Monday 6-17.

I had a very good day today. It started with a photo opportunity right across the street from the motel. It's not every day you see a submarine conning tower in the middle of town.

I also had to stop for the Arco City Hall pic.

After gassing up, I headed south. I made a quick stop at the overlook just before Craters of the Moon N.M. It looked about the same as it did the last time I was there. As I was walking back to the bike, a woman pulled up in her pick up truck and as she was getting out, her dog bolted out the open door and headed straight for me, tail wagging and smiling! The dog just wanted attention. The woman apologized and walked over to get her dog. We spent nearly 20 minutes talking about motorcycles and riding in California and Nevada. She was headed back home to her ranch near Helena Montana.

I took a few shots of the lava rock along side the highway.

When I arrived in Twin Falls, I saw this sign... I must be getting close!

I'm not a fan of heights. I prefer to be standing on level ground, and not at the top of a mountain. I knew the bridge over the Snake River in Twin Falls was high, I just didn't know how high. I checked out the little park at the south end of the bridge, after I had already crossed it. Good thing I didn't stop on the north end!

I know that 12" of concrete on top of some 12" I-beams is more than strong enough to hold a bunch of people, probably many large trucks too, but there was no way I was walking out on this!

Earlier in the day my glasses started hurting my nose. When I looked at them I saw that one of the little silicone nose pads was only half there. On my way through town I saw a place to get them fixed. For $4.00 they replaced both pads, tightened the screws and cleaned my lenses. It was like I got new glasses!

Just before the Idaho-Nevada border, there was a huge dust devil twirling away just off the road...

Another State sign...

This is part of the reason I love riding in Nevada... It's the middle of no where.. (Next Gas 136 Miles)

There was a line of NHP cars coming towards me on the highway. I pulled over and stopped like required, one of the troopers told me there was a WIDE load coming, and to get over as far as possible. A minute later, A semi with a huge dump truck box on the back passed by. It took up both lanes!

George F. I think you'll recognize this sign?

Another reason I enjoy riding in Nevada so much it the terrain. There are few large mountains, and most of the roads are in the basin or valley between them. On the was down to the KOA in Ely, I was riding in a valley. it looked pretty much like this on both sides of me.

Another cool night in the tent. The temp this morning is 44. I tried to post this last night, but the internet service was SO SLOW! It's better this morning, I think everyone's still sleeping!