Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 8. Ely, NV to Bishop, CA. The long way.

Tonight, I'm in a Motel 6 in Bishop, CA. I had a really good day. It started with breakfast at the Silver State Restaurant in Ely, then a quick tank of fuel, and west on hwy 6. I followed 6 out of town about 18 miles, then turned south onto NV-318. The weather was pretty good. Just a light off and on sprinkle. About an hour after I left, I stopped at a rest area (I hate riding and taking a diuretic!). There was a storm behind me and it was coming in fast.

I managed to avoid any more rain for the rest of the day.

Near the end of 318, the road gets twisty for a short ways as you pass through the White River Narrows.

In Alamo, I stopped for gas and a light lunch of a banana, some Craisins, and a 0 calorie Powerade. After lunch, I took off for Rachel on 375, the Extraterrestrial Highway.
In Rachel, I stopped at the Little Al'e'inn. I picked up a Area-51 sticker and a small pin. It's 160 miles from Alamo to Tonopah. There's no gas available in between, and I was fighting a HUGE head wind. I kept the speed down to try and improve my mileage. I took a few pictures along the way...
Jct. NV-375 and NV-318

The mail box marking the road to Nellis Air Force Range at Groom Lake, aka Area-51.

Rachel, NV.

I followed hwy 6 to Tonopah and gassed up. While I was taking a short break, I met a guy from CA that was on his way home after spending nearly a month on the road. He had been to New York and had put on almost 9000 miles on his Triumph Thunderbird.

A few more pictures from along hwy 6.

The road to the Tonopah Test Range.

Hwy 6 took me out of Nevada,

And into California.

It was a long day, but a good day. It ended with a great meal of, a spicy pollo verde tamale, a chicken enchilada with red sauce, and rice and beans from The Loco Frijole.
I miss you Nancy, say hi to the boys, Sticky, Orangie, Rudy, Screamer, Vinny, and Little Boy.