Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Late Season Ride

Today, I took the Zx-14 out for what may turn out to be the last ride of the season. I went out on Sunday, the 7th, with John. It was nearly 70 degrees that day. I even got a 90 mile ride in on the Super Sherpa on Monday. The weather forecast for the next 7 days is for highs around 40 degrees.

My 2001 Kawasaki Super Sherpa KL-250 G-5.

I rode out to Plum City on Hwy. 10, then took county roads, U, S, and D, and smaller township roads, such as Holden, Sunny Brook, and Vosker. I put on a total of 115 miles today.

In Plum City, the Christmas decorations are already up at the trout pond.

I stopped on county road D. Now that the corn is gone, you can see a long way into the valley below.

I stopped along Holden road to look down in the deep ravine, just beyond where I took this picture....

some animals have done a nice job of cleaning up a road kill deer.

There were a lot of deer out today. At 3 different locations I had them run across the road just a ways ahead of me.

I hope I can still get a few more rides in before the snow comes. I have put Sta-bil in the gas and topped off the gas tanks. I've wired each bike with a lead for the Battery-Tender, and put a new battery in the Super Sherpa. If I had to stop riding, the bikes would be ready for winter. I would just need to change oil in them first though.