Sunday, December 05, 2010

More Craigslist Rant!

OK, I've been looking at a 1971 Honda SL-70 on the local craigslist. This is a photo from the ad.

I had a 1971 SL-70 when I was 14. It was my first motorcycle. It looked just like this red one. This is not my old bike in the picture, but some one's nicely restored one.

I've emailed the owner twice about the motorcycle. The owner has not replied and the ad is still on craigslist. If you place an ad with something for sale, it would be nice if you'd respond to inquires.
I'd like to have the SL-70 as a winter project. I'd love to restore it to look like the beautiful red one above.

**** Update 12-8-10 **** I have sent 4 emails from 3 different accounts. No reply. How rude is that. If it's sold take the ad down, send back a simple 3 word reply to inquires like, "sorry, it's sold". How freakin hard would that be. Some people!!!

****As of 12-14-10****  The ad is gone, posting expired. The owner never did reply, and he left the ad up until time ran out. How rude!!! Oh well, on to other things.