Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Turn, Mother Nature...

You know how it is... You're going on a long motorcycle trip and you have to rearrange things to make room for the rain gear. You know that if you pack it, you probably wont need it... But if you blow it off and leave it at home, the trip will be the wettest ride ever!

So what's the best way to be sure the snow is done for the season? I figured, if I fix the snowblower, I wont need it 'till next winter. .

The last few days have been hard on it. I must have hit something and snapped one of shear pins on the auger. The shoe-slides were worn paper thin too.

I wanted an immediate change in the weather, so that meant going to "town" to buy parts. If I had ordered them off of Amazon and saved a few bucks, the weather wouldn't change for a week or until the parts were delivered and installed.

I also changed the oil, now it's all set for more snow!

How did my plan work? Just after I finished changing the oil, it started raining!! I checked out the 10 day forecast on, looking good! 60's in the near future!!!

This bit of good news came just in time... I was almost ready for happy pills!

Almost, it was close hehehe