Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Utility Trailer Rebuild Part 2...

Work progresses on the trailer. It's been sandblasted, primed and now painted. Today I finished wiring up the lights. They work like they should and follow the correct wire color usage.
I have yet to find a source for true 2"x2" Oak lumber for the side stakes. I plan to use either plywood or Cedar 1x6 decking for the sides. I may have found a deal on tires.

I present the almost finished project....

This is a much heavier trailer than most 3000# utility trailers on the market. The side and front "C" channels are 5.5 inches tall and the 4 cross beams are 3.75 inches tall. The trailer uses Jeep CJ springs, Rambler hubs and 15" wheels with light truck tires. I think the tires would rub on the fenders before it was structurally stressed! A 3/4 inch 4'x8' piece of plywood slips right in between the frame rail for the bed.
Most of the trailers I've looked at lately have light wight mesh floors and a single light weight square tube that bolts to the trailer for a tongue.

Now, it's almost too nice to park outside!!