Saturday, September 16, 2017

Game Cancelled Because of Rain!

I woke up early this morning, around 5:30, and it was pouring rain! John and I spent the morning watching TV and checking the radar. It rained heavily until noon, then it slowed down to a constant drizzle. He called some friends of his, Kathy and Dean, and they came over to our motel and picked us up in their car. The four of us drove down to Sturgis to check on the Supermoto races. We met one of the racers and he told us that the practice, qualifying, and races, had been cancelled for the day and that if the weather improves tomorrow they'll be racing.

We walked around town for a while then decided to head for Deadwood. John and Kathy did some gambling, while Dean and I walked up and down the main street. We all went to the Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant in Spearfish for an early dinner. Afterwards, they dropped us back of at the motel. It finally quit raining around 9:00 tonight...

The forecast for Saturday is dryer, but much cooler.

Only a few pics today.

Even if it's frosty in the morning, I'm going riding!!! I've had enough waiting for better weather.