Tuesday, November 16, 2010

End of the Year Mileage

I didn't record the yearly starting or ending mileages in my blogs, so the mileage is based on service records.

Mileage for the year.

Zx-14 = 10,000   with 8586 miles on the PR2's
FJR = 1,750        with 1805 miles on the Roadsmarts

Ending mileage for the 2010 season.

2009 Zx-14.....16,788
2006 FJR........25,145
2001 Sherpa.....7,077

I have to think about selling the FJR in the spring. I just don't put the milage on it like I used too. I can't justify keeping it. It's too bad, the cost of the insurance is so much less on the FJR compaired to the Zx-14.
The first time I rode the Zx on a longer ride, I thought that if it had hard bags It wold be the perfect long distance, sport-touring machine. Hard bags are available for it. They can even have a color matched insert on them. This bag is shown on a Kawasaki Versys, but it's the same bag I could mount on the Zx-14. Maybe if I get a tax refund this year......

I've also been thinking of selling the 2001 Super Sherpa. I don't drive on gravel as much as I'd like to.  But I'm not sure. It's cheap to insure and a blast to ride even on the asphalt! It doesn't take up much space and runs really good...... Maybe I should keep it.