Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Days 15 and 16... I'm Home Now

Without going back to check the comments, I don't remember who said it, but they were right...."when the cow smells the barn..."

That's what yesterday and today were like. I took only 1 picture all day on Tuesday. I thought it was an appropriate name for a little town... I took it as my Last Chance to turn around and keep traveling before going home.

Tuesday ended with us trying to get another camper cabin at the KOA in Kennebec, SD, but again, they were all booked. I'll have to remember to call ahead and reserve them. We found a great room just a block or so away from the KOA. The price was right too. $5 bucks more then a cabin!

This morning would be the last run to home. I had 576 miles to go, John, about 160 less. It helped that there was no breakfast at the motel. We were on the road by 8:00. Our earliest start yet! We made a few gas and food stops along the way. I broke off from John at the I-35E/I-494 interchange. I had about 3 and a half more hours ahead of me.
It felt great to be so close to home. I noticed that Wisconsin is a lot greener that most of the places we traveled.
The corn is looking pretty good for a field with no irrigation!

Soy beans too!

Is there any wonder why Wisconsin cheese, eggs, milk, beef and chicken taste better than the products from out west.... No Sage brush in our "pasture land".

I knew I was close to home when I started to see Corn and Firewood for sale on the "honor system".

I guess the high price we pay for gasoline is a small trade off for the high quality of life up here.

By the time I got home, I had logged 5058 miles (8140k) on this trip. The '09 Ninja now has 38,545 miles (62,032k) on it. It needs a bath, an oil change now, and a valve clearance service sometime this fall.

It's good to be home!!!