Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 6 of My Trip... Day 2 of the iMBC 2012.

I packed up early and was out of the Knights Inn before 0730. The original plan was for all 8 of us to meet at a Bakery downtown. There was a small problem, The city had closed off streets for either a parade or run. There were joggers on the closed streets and cars were filling the surrounding side streets. Plans changed and we moved breakfast to the Sumpter Junction.

After breakfast, we all headed out for Hell's Canyon via 86. It was a nice road except for the recent chip-seal project. most was OK, some not so much. We followed 86 to Oxbow. From there, we rode up Hell's Canyon Road. Some of the group rode all the way up to the dam. I held back for photos and to find some shade. There was no way to get lost... it's a dead end road.

We went back to Oxbow for a short break. It was getting pretty warm.

At one of the stops the cameras came out.... Here's Brandy (Oregon) and Richard (Alaska)

Brad (Oregon) and Karen (Ontario)

Bob (Vancouver)

Sonja and Roland (Vancouver)

We back tracked a little further and took NF-39 the 75 miles to Entrprise, OR.

We stopped at the El Bajio Mexican restaurant for a group dinner. After dinner, we all said good bye to Sonja and Roland. They were going to be leaving first thing in the morning. It was great to meet you both!
Everyone had made different motel/camping arrangements. Both Karen and I stayed at the Log House RV Park and Campground. Brain Walker, the owner, and his wife, Margaret, are really great people. They are motorcyclists them selves and are very motorcycle friendly. Their web site is

The day wasn't entirely without incidents though... 2 bikes were dropped, one at a stop sign, and mine in the middle of a low speed U-turn in a gas station parking lot. I knew better than to touch the front brake... I managed to scratch the paint a little, but it's not too bad. Nothing broke. I've also misplaced my vented summer riding gloves!

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