Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Givi PLX35 Cases Mounted on a Zx-14.

I took the time today to mount up the color matched Givi PLX 35 side cases on my Zx-14. I started the project by watching videos of the installation on the Twistedthrottle.com web site. They have a nice 2 part video of the installation on a Kawasaki Zx-14. It was a pretty easy job. There are 2 brackets that attach under the rear tail cowling. I had to cut a square notch out of the under tail plastic. It was a pretty easy cut with a Dremel tool and a Roto-Zip bit. I went slow and used the included paper templates. I think it turned out ok! There are 4 more brackets that attach to the muffler and rear peg hanger. A total of 8 mounting points, 4 on each side. I had to think about one of the attachment points. I was supposed to mount a bracket to the stock license plate holder, but I removed that big, ugly, extra chunk of plastic, shortly after I got the bike. So the bags now attach to the bracket, but the bracket's not bolted to anything.

Here's a shot of the mounting frames, the 6 brackets, 2 bags of hardware, and the bracket for the license plate mount. The frames are removable from the bike using 8 quick release type fasteners. When you take the frames off, all that's left on the bike are 6 small brackets.

This is a shot of the left side of the bike. You can see the 2 brackets. The lower bracket, pointing at a 2 o'clock position, is attached behind the muffler mount. One at the top, pointing about 3 o'clock, is attached behind the peg/muffler hanger.

Sorry, Photobucket lost my pic..............

This is one of the brackets that required cutting to mount. It's scary to cut into your bike, but it wasn't really too bad. Left side...

Right side... In this picture you can see the bracket that is supposed to attach to the license plate mount. Now it floats, but holds the bottom rear attachment points of the frames together.

I know that this picture might be tough to figure out, but it's taken from the right side, looking down along the swingarm. It shows the position of 2 of the brackets. One behind the muffler hanger bolt, and one behind the cast aluminum hanger/ mount.

The only thing about this set up that I didn't like is, I lost the use of the hand hold to lift the bike onto the center stand.

Picture on Photobucket gone AWOL!

Here are a few shots of the bike all put back together. The bike is dirty. I got caught in a downpour the other day and haven't washed it yet.

Now I have to mount up a new set of Michelin PilotRoad 2's, change the oil, and I'll be set to ride off to the Sporttouring.net meet in Custer, SD in 2 weeks.

I've been thinking that I might make this the long trip of the summer. I know that John won't be able to get away from work this year like he has in the past. So this years Sturgis run will maybe be 10 or so days. If I want to get some seat time this year, I may have to do it alone.

I started making a list of things I want to see. Some of them are..
The Pacific Ocean from Northern CA
A redwood forest
CA hwy 36
The Oregon coast
Rachel, NV
4 corners
Hwy 550, and Hwy 34 through Rocky Mountain N. P. in CO
Hwy 12/Lolo Pass, Arco, and Atomic City in Idaho

That's a few of the items on my list.

I've been spending a lot of time on the RoadsideAmerica.com web site. It's a great resource of odd things to see on a road trip.

Microsoft street/trips has my route at about 4200 miles in a loop from Custer, west, and back to Custer. Add another 1500 miles for home to Custer and back, That's looking like 3 weeks+ to me.