Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Non-motorcycle trip to the North Woods....

I'm pretty sure the riding season is over, but I still want to add to the blog. Yesterday, 11-20-10, Nancy and I decided to take a road trip up north. She has been looking at real estate in northern WI, so we thought we'd drive up to see a few houses. 4 hours later we stopped in Cornucopia, WI to check out this place..

It's a very nice, but there is no garage or basement, and it's kind of at the higher end of my price range.
We toured the town a little, grabbed a cup of coffee. and stopped to look at Lake Superior.

After Cornucopia, we headed for Washburn, then towards Ashland, and down towards Hayward. I wanted to drive by another place that is for sale. This one is more affordable, and has a 2 car garage, with room on the lot for another garage if needed, but still no basement.

My sister, Kathy, had told me that she was planning to be at her cabin this weekend, so we thought we'd stop in and say hello. We got there around 4:30, just as she was unpacking the car. We helped her unpack and then went to Karibalis' Restaurant in Hayward. After a nice meal and a long chat, we went back to the cabin and I started a fire in the wood stove for her.

We should have been home about 2 and a half hours after we left Hayward, but things didn't work out so well. About the time we got to Roberts, WI on I-94, it was sleeting. The road was a sheet of ice. We got to sit in traffic for a while in Hudson and stare at this jack-knifed semi. It was blocking all 3 lanes of traffic, and was right at the start of the exit ramp we needed to take.

There is a car under the semi trailer, just to the right of the fireman. The EMS crew took a person out of the car and put them in an ambulance. I hope they're ok!
 It took us until 1:15 to get home. I had to drive the back roads at 15 mph.