Friday, October 07, 2011

Dulono's Pizza First Thursday. October 2011

I was able to make it to Dulono's Pizza for 1st Thursday this month. Last month I was in the hospital with a-fib. John and I rode the FJRs over. We got there fairly early and parked in Dulono's parking lot. I also learned a good lesson for next time. If possible, find a spot on the street, not the parking lot. We were blocked in and had to wait for other bikes to pull out before we could leave. There was a very large turn out this month.

John and I ate early to avoid the rush, we split the usual Dulono's Delite. It's a thin crust, pepperoni, sausage, and onion pizza. It's very good!

After we ate, we walked around and checked out the bikes. There were a few I recognized from before, but also a lot I'd never seen.

I'm normally not a huge H-D fan, but I can appreciate an original bit of mechanical excellence. I thought this was really interesting. It's an Electra glide trike, with an S-S motor that's mounted sideways, then a shaft drive to a transaxle and rear suspension from a VW bug. Pretty Trick!

There were a number of custom old Japanese bikes.

And quite a few nicely restored UJM's

I think I found my next bike... I'd have to sell the Super Sherpa, but this caught my eye. A Yamaha Wr250x. A supermoto, kind of like an off road bike with street tires. Hummmmm. Maybe....