Saturday, August 27, 2022

The Z900rs Cafe gets Luggage.

 I got in a couple hours of quality time in the garage this morning. The Shad top case and brackets finally arrived, so I had a project to do. Supply chain issues are affecting the motorcycle accessory business these days. First some brackets were on back order, then the top cases were. Now, the side cases are on back order. I managed to get what I could now and will have to wait for the rest.

I was going to do a step by step installation write up, but there's a great video on YouTube that covers it perfectly. Thanks Kentucky Yankee..

Here's before. Almost stock. The previous owner had installed the chrome grab rails near the seat and the center stand.

Disassembly was pretty easy, just a 10mm socket and a few a T-handled hex keys.. When did the term "allen wrench" get replaced by "hex key" ???  

I unplugged a few wires, removed a factory bracket, replaced it with one supplied, used the supplied bolts, spacers, and washers. Again, the step by step video by Kentucky Yankee was exactly what I needed. The pictographic directions included with the brackets were just OK, not great.... the video helped a lot!

So now it's all set for whenever the side cases become available again. The top box is a medium sized 39 liter box.

I took it out for a short shake-down cruise this afternoon. No rattles, no noises. 

If  Sargent Cycle Products made a replacement seat for the Z900rs, and it was as comfortable as their seat that I had on my FJR, then I be all set. I have an inflatable seat pad on there now, but it's not anywhere as easy on my butt as either the C14 seat that I had on the Zx-14 or the Sargent on the FJR... Those were both truly all day seats!

I have added the ZeroGravity Sport-touring wind screen. I like it a lot. I think it pushes the air up to my upper chest without causing helmet turbulence. I still have to add the Battery Tender lead to the battery so I can just plug in rather than pull the seat to connect it. It's also needed to run the electronics in the tank bag.

I'm sure this will turn out to be a good long distance bike... after a seat improvement.