Saturday, April 14, 2012

My lucky Day!

Today, the temps up here in the north woods of WI were headed for the upper 70's with bright, clear skies. A great day to take the Wr250x on a ride down some fire lanes and through the woods. I left home with 60 miles already on the last fill up, so I gassed up in town. The little 2 gallon tank is only good for about 90 miles before the low fuel light comes on. I drove 12 miles and turned off the main road and onto Mosquito Brook Road. I followed it down to Phipps and turned east onto Phipps Fire Lane. A mile or so later and I was on gravel. I stayed on gravel for the next 19 miles. I saw no one, no cars, no bicycles, no ATV's. Parts of the Phipps and Rock Lake Fire Lanes are not much more than a bulldozer trail through the woods. I had a great time!

I ended up coming out of the Chequamegon National Forest and onto a paved road about 3 miles from home.
The whole area around Cable is loaded with bicycle trails and ATV trails, but for some reason, motorcycles are not allowed on the ATV trails. I guess that's OK, there are plenty of Forrest Service Roads and Fire Lanes to ride on. I have a LOT more exploring to do!

So why was it my lucky day? I got home, stopped at the mail box, stuffed the mail in my jacked and rode up the driveway. I got off the bike and started to unload my things. I couldn't find my wallet. I had it with me when I stopped for gas. I checked all my pockets, my driveway, by the mail box, the tank bag... Nothing. I got back on the bike and started to retrace my ride backwards. So, driving along CR-M, about 2 and a half miles from home, I catch a glimpse of something on the east bound shoulder... I turned around and....

I'll probably never be that lucky again!!! I had visions of it lying in a ditch and never being able to find it again. A good lesson learned, zip all pockets and keep the wallet in an inside pocket. I'll have to make a record of all the credit cards and their contact numbers. It would've been such a huge pain to go through, if I had lost it.