Monday, February 17, 2014

Oh the Weather Outside is....

Delightful.... Welcome to Wisconsin where the weather is never boring and predictable, like Hawaii. Could you imagine living in a place with no weather challenges, no variation from the normal and consistent, yet boring, "perfect" weather? Yuck! Give me 4 seasons!

I'd like to say that we have a lot of snow in our area, but it pales in comparison to some places. last week, Nancy and I took a short road trip to Ironwood, MI. The Upper Peninsula (U.P.) area receives a ton more snow than us. They get huge "lake-effect" snows that can dump over 200" of snow in a season! The heavy snow in the U.P. should taper off soon, as Lake Superior is almost frozen over.

Here's a few shots from the yard this afternoon...

I only regret not getting gas for the snow blower before this latest round of winter delight!

I went to town and got some gas for the snow blower. It was a lot nicer today, Tuesday, than it was when I took the pics above!
By late afternoon the snow was melting and the temps were above 33!

The sun shine has warmed the wood piles and all the snow came sliding off!