Friday, December 09, 2011

Paul Bunyan ?

Tonight, the temps in my part of the world are 7 degrees F and headed lower, so I was passing the time catching up with a few blogs. Hey, if I can't ride, I can still read about it! That's when I noticed something that fellow blogger, George F., posted. It's a picture of Paul Bunyan that he took near Klamath, CA. I also have nearly the same picture...

George's picture is HERE.

And this is my picture. I took it this summer while on my trip to CA.

And if that isn't strange enough......
Another fellow blogger posted the same picture on both facebook and his blog. It's about half way down this page... CLICK HERE.>

How strange is that??????

George, I've got to ask, do you have a picture of the gold bears mounted on the ends of the bridge over the Klamath River?

Edited 12-23-2011.................
I went up north and stopped in front of Bulik's Amusement Center in Spooner, WI. I wanted to get a picture of Mel, the muffler man.

I did a little search and found that there are at least 5 more giant sized, fiberglass, "muffler men" in Wisconsin. I feel the need for a spring time road trip. More muffler man information HERE.

I also have a picture of the Indian version of the muffler man. He was standing outside the Chieftain Motel, in Carrington, ND. My riding buddy, John, and I stayed there on our way back from the Sturgis rally - Idaho trip this summer.