Saturday, December 22, 2012

I Love Small Towns...

Tonight, Nancy and I went down to Hayward. The city has decorated the fronts of many of the businesses in town, most of them on Main Street, and is heavily promoting the display. They've even set up a web site to list all the activities and "specials" at local businesses. Here's a link. I was impressed! We walked up and down Main Street and looked at the displays in the windows. There was even a small table in front of a couple of the shops with self-service hot chocolate. How small town is that?

I had a SnoWing just like this when I was a kid. It's heavy steel and was a real pain to drag back up the hill. It was frequently left behind in the garage in favor of the plastic mini-boggan.

They decorated the gazebo at Shues Pond (city park).

After checking out Main Street, we walked in to Angler's Bar & Grill for Pizza! I forgot the obligatory food picture, sorry. Even Angler's was in the Holiday spirit.

Earlier in the day I was busy cutting and splitting more firewood. I had a nice stash of 4' long logs in the garage. I cut up most of them. With the 2 pallets full outside, and this in the garage, I might have enough to get through this winter. I'd rather put in a little hard work and burn some wood, than pay for Propane!
The 4 following pictures are before-afters...