Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 12. Three States.

After a late start and breakfast at Taco Johns, we were on the road by 1000. We left Riverton on Hwy. 789 to Lander, then out Hwy. 28. We passed the Wind River Mountains.

We crossed over the continental divide.

On Hwy. 28 was the Parting of the Ways marker. The trail west split and one track went north to Oregon, the other to California. There was Sagebrush everywhere.

We made our way down 28 to 372 to 189 into Kemmerer. In Kemmerer is the first J.C.Penny store.

After Kemmerer, we headed up Hwy. 30 through Cokeville and up to the Idaho border.

We continued on 30 through Montpelier, then south on 89, and along the west side of Bear Lake. Bear Lake was a beautiful shade of aqua blue. The photographs don't show the true colors.

We crossed into Utah.

We stayed on Hwy. 89 and got a few more pictures of Bear Lake.

89 runs through Logan Canyon. It was nice to ride on a road that had some turns in it. Logan Canyon reminds me of a longer Spearfish Canyon.

We ended the night at the Econo Lodge in Logan, UT.
After watching tonights news, we may have to make a plan change and go somewhere other than southern Utah. The forecast for the area is for over 100 degrees for the week. Maybe back to Idaho and run the Lolo Pass...?????