Sunday, February 28, 2010

My New '10 Blog

Today I took the Zx-14 out for the first ride of spring. It's still a little too cold for riding, but I've got the itch to start riding soon. I have a few things to do before the start of the season. My FJR developed a fork seal leak and that's going to need some attention. Then there's oil to be changed, wash jobs and wax jobs for all.

I didn't go to the cycle show this winter. Everyone was busy and I'm not in the market for a new bike this year.

John and I have discussed plans for this years trips. In May, we are going back down to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for the SFO (southern fjr owners) rally. We were there last year and had a great time even though it rained ALL the time. In August, we'll do the Sturgis thing for the 12th time. This year, we plan to leave home early. We'll spend some time at the rally then take off for the south west section of the country. I hope to do Utah and Nevada again. I'd like to see more of Arizona and New Mexico too. It may be a 3 week vacation!