Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 Mileage Totals...

I'm pretty sure the riding season is over for this year. I've made it a practice to record the yearly mileage on my blog.

The highlights of the 2012 season included, buying a new-to-me Wr250x, a road trip to Arkansas for an FJR rally, a trip to Oregon to meet some fellow bloggers, and my 14th annual trip to Sturgis and beyond. This year it included New Mexico and Arizona.

Starting mileage on the Zx-14 was 29,209...ending was 38,716 = 9514 mi(15,311 km)

FJR.... starting mileage was ....25,145....ending was 29,647 = 4502 mi(7,245 km)

Wr250x...starting mileage this spring when I brought it home, 1561, now 2442 = 881 mi(1418 km) for the year.

All totaled, that's 14,897 mi(23,974 km)on motorcycles for the year.

My riding buddy, John, is a bit more OCD than I am, and could document so much more information than I can. He could tell you not only how many miles, but also, how much gas, the high and low price for it, the average fuel price, the life time MPG, the high MPG, the low MPG, the total gas ever purchased... and so much more. The information is saved on his hard drive and a paper copy gets printed frequently!!! LOL
John, you know I kid you,...I wish I was that anal, disturbed, detail oriented!