Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friday.... A day late.

The weather played a big part in Friday's ride. We were going to leave Cody, WY and ride the Chief Joseph Highway and the Beartooth Pass, but the dark clouds that hung over the top of the mountain made us change our plans. We took the "around" rather than "over" route to Red Lodge.

We passed by the site of Montana's worst underground coal mine disaster, the Smith Mine near Bear Creek.

WE rode to Red Lodge and took a short break and walked up and down the main street and checked out a few of the shops.

We were going to try and take the long way to Butte, but the black clouds south of I-90 made us change our minds, again.. So we just hammered it out on the Interstate to Butte, MT. We may stay here at the Super 8 Motel for a couple of days and use it as a base for our day rides.

The Weather Channel has said things will improve for the next few days...... Fingers crossed...