Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Time to get your spring on! Blog Challenge...

Over on Dar's blog, she posted a signs of spring challenge. Read about it here..Princess Scooterpie: BLOG CHALLENGE!!!! Time to get your spring on!

Well it seemed like it would take me forever to find even the remotest sign of spring, but today I saw something that caught my eye, something that gave me hope... an icicle!!!

Why does that excite me? Well, they don't form unless there's some melting going on. Even with today's sub freezing temp, 15F, there's enough solar energy on the roof to cause some melting! I noticed there's some roof edge showing too!! We just had 3 more inches of snow the other day, and the low last Monday was -29F.

Just so you don't think it's all melting and that I'll be riding in a week or 2... I have some more pictures from today. I went out to change the batteries in the temperature sensor for the indoor weather station. It's normally 10' off the ground on the north side of the garage and I need a step ladder to reach it. Well I just threw on the snow shoes and walked right up to it.

I'm feeling pretty good, I just checked the 5 day and we could get to 40F...!!!!!!

Come on Spring!!!!!!