Friday, August 06, 2010

Day 7. Shopping & Vanocker Canyon.

Today, John, Garth and I got up and had breakfast at Hardee's. The Belle Inn was too full by 0730 to even find a place to park. After breakfast we took off for down town Sturgis. We did a little shopping for t-shirts and stuff. John and I split a pre-paid box from the Post Office and sent things home so we don't have to carry them.
We rode Vanocker Canyon to Nemo Road. Then 385 to Lead, down 85 to 14A, and up Spearfish Canyon. We did a little more shopping at Wal-mart and had lunch at Arby's.
I stopped for gas and at the station found fruit. Oh, I was craving something other than restaurant food, so I got the grapes and melon cup. MMMMMMM.
We got back to camp around 1800 and watched the clouds roll in.

5 minutes after taking the pictures the front came through and temp dropped and winds blew, then it rained. It rained for 20 minutes then blue skies. I think Lyle and Larrie will drive right through that on their way here.
I think we're here for the night. Tomorrow, is the day we all meet up for breakfast at the VFW/Legion in Sturgis.